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Here at Alford3D we specializes in many rapid prototyping services and consulting help to help create a myriad of products and services for you, or your customers.

 Let us help guide you or your business through the process of turning those dreams you have, into the products you need. Whether it's an idea for an invention, the need for a necessary part, or something completely new. We are here to serve! 

Alford3D provides services in the Rapid Prototyping industry. 3D Printing, Modeling and Materials expertise, Consulting. We're here to serve

Experienced, Expert Staff.

Let our expert staff take you step-by-step through the process from concept to creation. Here at Alford3D we provide high quality services to those who need a hand in the world of 3D Printing, Design and Prototyping. Our team will save you tremendous time and resources that are often needed to conduct research and perform hands on testing in additive manufacturing applications. All at a better rate than our competitors can offer! 

A Flexible Team At Your Side.

We understand the importance of time and resources here at Alford3D. That's why our small but very flexible team is here to stand by your side. Crucial deadlines, tentative dates, we understand. Our #1 priority is to empower our clients in any way we can. Speeding up the creation process. 

High Quality. 


Although we cater to a wide variety of people and projects, we understand that everyone wants something that is affordable, and quality. We are a small team of very dedicated folks, very eager to get started on the next job. 


What Materials Are Used?

Many to choose from.

Our machines use a variety of thermoplastics that depend greatly on the application they're being used for. The current material options are:

*Soft, flexible, or semi-flexible
*Lightweight or Dense
*Hard, rigid or temperature resistant
*Wood fiber infused/other exotics
*Thermochromic(temperature changes color)
*Glow in the dark
*Dissolvable and Biodegradable 
*More Coming Soon!

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